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prayer request

I’ve been on a sort of “sabath” from tv shows and most secular culture for a month now. Today was the last day of this period and I will be re-engaging with pop culture. Please pray for me that I mantain my eyes on the Lord and find the balance of being in this world but not of this world. Please pray that I administer my time well, and give priority to the truly important things. Please pray that I won’t be distracted from God’s will. Please pray. :)



There is this crazy notion that once we seek God, everything will be hassle free.
Having Jesus in our lives makes a world of a difference.
However don’t be surprised if you hit obstacles the second you start to truly seek after God’s heart.
God planned it doesn’t mean that Satan won’t try to…

Amen! The lie Satan always used with me was that I was too dirty to be before the Lord. And the clever thing is that he often mixes truth with lies. Yes, sin separates us from the Lord, but once we repent and ask forgiveness, all the Lord sees is Jesus’ blood covering our sins. People. Don’t let anyone, especially your own head, tell you that you can’t be before the Lord. Yes you can. He forgives you and welcomes you. He wants to meet you. Always.

Identity Vol I


For a long time God has been speaking a lot to me about Identity. I have always been very concerned about being unique. About having “personality”, whatever that means. About building this very consciously crafted image that I project to the outside world, but somehow, it never seemed to fill the inside.  It never seemed to make me “interesting” or loved, or any of the things I was trying to achieve.

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On Hospitality (Or Not) And The Church

So here’s a nice tidbit of church life. Remember that cake I posted earlier? Well, that cake, like I said was meant for guests that were coming to my house. Now, something interesting about those guests, I have not ever seen them in my life. “Whaaaat?” you say. Well, a little primer on the way church works around here. 

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God likes me

God doesn’t only love me, he also likes me. He thinks I’m cute. He created me, and he likes my quirks. He gets me, and loves to show me his love. He likes me, exactly as I am.