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Love Runs Out - Jazz [Choreo: Travis Wall]

This was also amazing, though in a totally different way than So Broken. In all the ways Sonya’s piece was touching and otherworldly, this was cool and flashy. It was a super fun routine, and I’m glad to see Travis can pull one of so well. And in little time too.

Ricky was, of course, amazing. I always think it’s a little unfair to give a big highlight to someone in a group routine, but when you have someone like Ricky, I get the temptation to use him as much as possible. He can really command the attention, not only with his face but with his whole body, and it’s something amazing to witness.

Carly also got a really cool moment with that drop. I had never seen it done like that, and cannot imagine how hard it is to just drop yourself onto people when you are that high. It’s also interesting to note that Emilio sort of did half that drop in Sonya’s routine. Must’ve been something in the water…

So Broken - Contemporary [Choreo: Sonya Tayeh]

This one, I really LOVED! Everything was perfect: Music, choreography, make-up, costumes and of course, the dancers. And mind you, this could’ve been awful. This super emotional routines are reliant on the dancers getting the emotion just right and thankfully they did. It wasn’t over the top, or fake and throughout the entire routine I didn’t see any of them drop the character. They were so in it, you know? You could see the pain, and the support they were giving each other, it truly something out of this world.

All of them were great, but it would be unfair to not single out Tanisha on this one. She really had her moment in this episode, and it will be a travesty if she lands on the bottom again. I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do on this show.

Nigel was ticked off about Sonya not getting an Emmy, and I have to agree with him. She has been doing amazing work and seems to have a way of bringing out something unexpected out of dancers. My hope is that she’s just getting started.

Got some really good news yesterday. Can’t share any details yet because not all is confirmed, and I don’t know if there’s someone from “real life” that reads this blog, but something I’ve been praying about for a LONG time will probably happen and I couldn’t be happier about it. Yes, my life is still kind of a mess when it comes to academia and work, but at least this is coming together. Thank you God, SO MUCH for making this happen.

Brooklyn & Casey - Hip-hop [Choreo: WilldaBeast]

It’s a shame that a different couple didn’t get this routine, because we really have been hurting for some hard-hitting hip-hop on SYTYCD. This could’ve looked amazing with the right people dancing it, but unfortunately it wasn’t the case.

Brooklyn and Casey tried, you could really see that they did, but it wasn’t enough. Some people have said that Brooklyn sort of got it, but in my opinion the style didn’t look good in either of them. Casey was more obviously a contemporary dancing trying to do hip-hop, but to my eyes Brooklyn failed just as much. They both had nice energy and they did have the hip-hop face down, but the movement was just wrong. And with no story or cool concept with was impossible to hide that.

Jacque & Zack - Jazz [Choreo: Sonya Tayeh]

I liked this one, and I really liked Zack in this one, but still something was missing. I think Jacque performed much more towards the audience, instead of performing towards Zack, so their connection wasn’t as strong as in previous weeks. She also seemed to be having a hard time losing herself in the performance, which is almost required to make a Sonyah piece work.

I wish they had really nailed this though, because I’m worried about Zack landing in the bottom next week. He has been consistently good, but I hope he gets at least one great routine before leaving.

Emily & Teddy - Salsa [Choreo: Jonathan & Oksana]

Look, there’s not much to say here. The routine was tough and they were dealing with an injury, so I understand why it wasn’t great, but still, it doesn’t change the fact that it was very lacking. Teddy tried to make up for it, and his “dancing” looked pretty good, but Emily was just too bad. Not only they missed a lot of connections, and tripped, but she also just didnt seem to get the style. Probably my least favourite of the night.

Carly & Serge - Contemporary [Choreo: Mandy Moore]

I don’t want to repeat myself, but I tend to have similar issues with most of Mandy’s work: Bad music, isolated cool moments that don’t amount to a full picture in the end and a very generic contemporary vibe overall.

I also didn’t love Serge in this. Dance-wise he did ok, but I don’t think he nailed the control thing. He basically had the same face throughout, and I think he should’ve been a little more dynamic and teasing with it, instead of just keeping his contemporary face on. Carly was perfect though, that girl has yet to put a foot wrong in this competition.

What’s up with Serge and Carly getting contemporary again, though? Serge kicks ass at ballroom and I want to see him doing it! I hope he survives enough for that.

Jessica & Marcquet - Smooth Foxtrot [Choreo: Dmitry Chaplin]

I did want to love this, because I like Marquett a lot, but I just couldn’t. I don’t know a lot about ballroom technique (and Dimitry defended him to the end), but something felt wrong in this. He was kinda stiff, not only in the body, but also in the face. I feel like the foxtrot should look like you are having a good time, and he didn’t look like it.

Jessica was ok, nothing great, but I also couldn’t see any big flaws either. That girl is really unlucky though. She keeps losing partners and getting not so great routines. She must have a big fanbase though , because even with all that going on she never landed on the bottom. I fear for her next week though.

Hey, I would love to get some SYTYCD asks! Favourites from this season, or past, great injustices, annoyances, anything really. Send them my way!

Tanisha & Rudy - Hip-hop [Choreo: Dave Scott]

I have to confess that I was a little underwhelmed in my first watch of this routine. It just felt very jazzy, and I thought something a little more hard-hitting would’ve fit the theme better. But the more I watched the more I felt in love with it.

Dave Scott’s choreo usually looks very “easy” (more the feel and not the difficulty level) and fun but if you look closely there’s a lot of cool little details, like the little flick Tanisha does with her leg when Rudy is sliding beneath her, and those “rolls” they do with their butts right after. Really nice use of isolation there.

Tanisha was, of course, the obvious star of the piece and I loved her in it, but I still could not take my eyes off of Rudy! He was really sexy in this. My sister could barely contain herself watching, lol. The kid doesn’t have great technique, but he’s a born performer, and Tanisha is just the whole package. Another awesome pairing.

Bridget & Emilio - Contemporary [Choreo: Travis Wall]

YES!!! After I watched that video of Emilio sort of dancing contemporary I couldn’t wait for him to get it on the show, and this was everything I hoped for. Travis have him and Bridget an amazing routine (although he almost didn’t) and they made the most of it.

What about those pointed feet you guys? I mean, I knew he had been training, but I had no idea he had that kind of extension! And they both really nailed the emotion in the piece, it was never too much. And that look in Bridget’s face at the end was just perfect. I really hope Emilio goes far so I can have more of this!

Valerie & Ricky - Bollywood [Choreo: Nakul Dev Mahajan]

Okay, can we first talk about how Valerie “get to know them” segments are always the best? Not only she brings on the funny weird, but Ricky’s commentary is also always great. I seriously bursted out laughing when he said “Oh, is that what that is?” this week. Kind hard to not love this partnership.

As for the dancing, they could’ve had stronger arms, and that lift should’ve been more seamless, but I still liked. They were in sync, had great energy and really sort of found the “spirit” of bollywood. Abs those jump-spins were to die for! I never cease to be amazed at dancer’s ability to just fly off the ground. A good start to the show, if not perfect in execution.

Top 16 Group - Jazz [Choreo: Mandy Moore]

Well, I’m already not a big Mandy Moore fan and this piece wasn’t the one to turn me into one. There were some nice moments, like when all the girls were on the edge of the stage, or at the beginning when the guys took their scarves, but when you look at the big picture it just wasn’t that impressive. Some of the lifts felt a bit laboured to me, and as always with Mandy routines, I didn’t like the song. At least in this one the dancers weren’t hid behind tons of costume and make-up, so I could see who was who. That’s always a plus for me.