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In a weird way, I don't think any of Ricky's contemporary routines were THAT amazing. Yes they were really good, but would I remember them in a year? No. I'm actually kinda disappointed in his contemporary routines and I think he's done better in other styles


I still have yet to watch the one with Kathryn again so I can form an actual opinion on it, but I agree with you about his other two. His one with Valerie was super forgettable, and the one with Jaimie was good, but nothing super special in the long run.

I totally agree! I think he has been great in Contemporary group routines, but duo-wise, the only good one was Vow.

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How wack have eliminations been this season? Tanisha should have stayed. Very happy Zack is still there. He's the ultimate dark horse. A lot of people probably thought he was fodder and wasn't gonna last b/c they didn't show his audition and he's a tapper, but he's been really, really great the entire competition and I really want him in the finale.

The eliminations have really soured this season. It just wasn’t the same after Emilio went home, for me. But I’m SUPER happy for Zack. he’s amazing and I’m glad people noticed him, even though he isn’t very flashy.

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Have you ever seen Ian Eastwood choreo? He's more of a lyrical hip hop dancer but he's really good, some slow songs some hype. I just think the right type of dance moves can make it right


I’ve only seen one or two videos, but I did like what I saw. 

You should watch his stuff, I think he’s just amazing, but I do seem to like lyrical hip-hop a lot more than you. I actually been hoping for him to choreograph on SYTYCD for some time now, although I don’t know if his choreo would look as good if he’s not dancing it.  Btw, what are some choreographers you would like to see on the show?

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I just watched afterbuzz with Nick Lazzarini, and he struck me as smarmy. Is he well liked by fans? Never watched season one, but I've noticed a lot people seem to repress it from their collective memory, lol. Jake Dupree is fab as usual. Chloe wasn't there! Bummer, she's always so enthusiastic and I was curious to find out when in the ep she cried. Betting on the last routine b/c obvs.


I don’t know how people feel about Nick. I…didn’t like him much, either. I think he was just unnecessarily mean-spirited at times and it makes me uncomfortable since he’s going to be an all-star next week and he’s going to be around the dancers he was talking shit about, you know? There’s a way to be honest about what you feel without saying it like that on a platform like that, because the dancers do watch that show according to Kristyn. 

I’m going to miss Jake. He’s one of my favorite people. I don’t enjoy Chloe as much but she’s grown more on me this season as opposed to last. Tbh I felt like everyone on the panel was kind of down on the show. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a strong performance show and they were like “lol it was just okay”. Kind of disappointed that they weren’t as into it as I was when it’s usually the total opposite. 

Nick is kinda weird. My first “encounter” with him was when he did an interview in Tandrew’s old SYTYCD fan site (does anyone remember what it was called?) where he basically bad-mouthed season 4 (the BEST season) for no-reason and was a complete douche about it. I basically just wrote him off thinking he was jealous because his season barely happened in most people’s minds. 

But then I watched All The Right Moves (Travis’ reality show) and he came off as sort of a decent person, somehow, even in this really contrived reality show? It seems to me that he’s just bitchy but mostly harmless. You know he is that friend that if he loves you, he will be fiercely loyal and stuff but that doesn’t hold back at all when it comes to people he doesn’t like. He’s also very biased in favor of highly technical dancers and people he knows, lol. I don’t know, maybe it is because I did have a friend like that, so I kind of understand. 

A gente discorda mas a gente se entende #church #retironorio #beingone

A gente discorda mas a gente se entende #church #retironorio #beingone

This just in


I’m watching Afterbuzz and Mandy Moore just said that she doesn’t actually want to use all the 80s power ballads and it’s mostly the producers pushing it. Also she didn’t even want to use My Immortal.

What else has been a lie in my life if Mandy Moore doesn’t have an 80s mixtape that she uses for all her routines?

Need to hear this in context. My life may not ever be the same…

Love Runs Out - Jazz [Choreo: Travis Wall]

This was also amazing, though in a totally different way than So Broken. In all the ways Sonya’s piece was touching and otherworldly, this was cool and flashy. It was a super fun routine, and I’m glad to see Travis can pull one of so well. And in little time too.

Ricky was, of course, amazing. I always think it’s a little unfair to give a big highlight to someone in a group routine, but when you have someone like Ricky, I get the temptation to use him as much as possible. He can really command the attention, not only with his face but with his whole body, and it’s something amazing to witness.

Carly also got a really cool moment with that drop. I had never seen it done like that, and cannot imagine how hard it is to just drop yourself onto people when you are that high. It’s also interesting to note that Emilio sort of did half that drop in Sonya’s routine. Must’ve been something in the water…

So Broken - Contemporary [Choreo: Sonya Tayeh]

This one, I really LOVED! Everything was perfect: Music, choreography, make-up, costumes and of course, the dancers. And mind you, this could’ve been awful. This super emotional routines are reliant on the dancers getting the emotion just right and thankfully they did. It wasn’t over the top, or fake and throughout the entire routine I didn’t see any of them drop the character. They were so in it, you know? You could see the pain, and the support they were giving each other, it truly something out of this world.

All of them were great, but it would be unfair to not single out Tanisha on this one. She really had her moment in this episode, and it will be a travesty if she lands on the bottom again. I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do on this show.

Nigel was ticked off about Sonya not getting an Emmy, and I have to agree with him. She has been doing amazing work and seems to have a way of bringing out something unexpected out of dancers. My hope is that she’s just getting started.

Got some really good news yesterday. Can’t share any details yet because not all is confirmed, and I don’t know if there’s someone from “real life” that reads this blog, but something I’ve been praying about for a LONG time will probably happen and I couldn’t be happier about it. Yes, my life is still kind of a mess when it comes to academia and work, but at least this is coming together. Thank you God, SO MUCH for making this happen.