Trying to take everything around me and put it in a blog.

It was good to be young

Since I’m not doing anything with my tumblr, and I think personal style is too much of a niche subject for my blog, I decided to use my tumblr to write a bit about clothes, make-up, and all these things that make a lot of women go nuts.

Even though I was never a “barbie” as child (my sister fulfilled that role with pride), even though it took some time for me to start caring about what clothes did I wear, and even though I’m the lasiest person on earth, ever since I’m a teenager, I have been trying to develop a peronal style.

My attempts at “style” during my teenage years were mostly horrific. I had no idea waht looked good on my body, avoided dresses like the plague, and was going more for shock value than aesthetics.

But I do consider that period essencial in making my style what it is today, after all I was able to exorcize my uttermost kitsch tendencies in my teenage years, which is exactly where they belong. Of course some people may still think I’m still “too much”, but all I can say is that they probably did not know me when I was 15.

But enough talking for today, let’s talk clothes instead:

Julia Mathias's clothes

C&A dress
25 de março belt
C&A Shorts (you can’t see them, but they are there)

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the lovely ballet falts my mom bought in London. But imagine suede flats in almost the same colour as the belt.

And now, the face. Definetely not all that photogenic, but what can you do? (Photoshop, that’s what you can do. My fingers were itching but I resisted)

Julia Mathias's face

Episol Color’s Tinted sunscreen in Pele Morena
Meow Cosmetics's powder foundation in Slinky Manx
Fyrinnae's blush in
Fyrinnae's highlighter in In The Spotlight
Nivea Sol’s lip balm
Marchetti's lipstick in
's lipstick in 32
Lip Vitamins gloss in brown

  Julia Mathias's closed eye

Aromaleigh's Primer
Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae's Sakura in the inner corner and as highlight
A mix of
Fyrinnae's Parental Advisory and Aromaleigh's psychocandy on the lid
Meow Cosmetics's Shattered Equinox: dour on the crease
Barry M's eyeliner
davis eye’s purple pencil
Elke's black pencil
's mascara